I’ve had / am having the privilege of (co)supervising the following PhD students, post-docs, scientific programmers and MSc students:


  • Elvan Kula (May 2019): Software process optimization, also at ING
  • Joseph Hejderup (Feb 2017): Dependency management and static analysis

Former team members


  • Ayushi Rastogi (Jul 2018 - May 2021), working on developer productivity (also with Arie van Deursen). Now assistant professor at the University of Groningen
  • Enrique Larios (Jul 2017 – Jul 2020). Worked on the CodeFeedr project (also with SIG). Now postdoc at the University of Victoria.
  • Moritz Beller (Jan 2018 – May 2020). Worked on software analytics. Now research engineer at Facebook.
  • Maria Kechagia (May 2017 – May 2019). Worked on static analysis. Now postdoc at UCL.


  • Mehdi Keshani (May 2019): Dependency management and static analysis. Now supervised by Sebastian Procksh.
  • Amir Mir (Oct 2019): Dependency management and machine learning. Now supervised by Sebastian Procksh.

  • Moritz Beller (Jan 2014 – Dec 2018): Feedback-driven software development (thesis) (co-promotor)

Scientific Developers


  • Maliheh Izadi (Jan 2020 - Jun 2020): Machine learning for Software Engineering
  • Xunhui Zhang (Oct 2019 - Oct 2020): Software analytics
  • Chushu Gao (Jan 2018 – Jan 2019), worked on software analytics, now at SIG
  • Riivo Kikas (Feb 2016 – Jul 2016), worked on language ecosystem evolution

Master’s students